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The Traveler's Return: Traveler Series, Book 3

Eira, L. Jan

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
The Traveler's Return: Traveler Series, Book 3



Much has happened since Brent, Ellie, William, and Valerie first met an old man from the future. They've saved the world from a terrifying epidemic unwittingly caused by their future selves, only to see the timeline change to an equally devastating outcome.

The teens have watched their future selves die and discovered that someone - or something - has tampered with their own memories, erasing years of personal experiences. They're about to find out why.

A new threat looms for the time-traveling friends, but unlike their previous adventures, this one takes place in the present, not the future. They're about to discover what motivates Alexandra, the four-year-old albino girl who keeps drifting in and out of their lives.

Alexandra has a secret she's been hiding. What she knows - and how she chooses to act - will determine whether the earth even has a future.

The third book in the Traveler trilogy. The Traveler's Return concludes the time-spanning adventures of Brent, Ellie, William, and Valerie begun in The Traveler's Secret and continued in Traveler's Quest.

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