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The Sassy Submissive: Stronghold, Book 1

Angel, Golden

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
The Sassy Submissive: Stronghold, Book 1



Adam Rawn wasn't looking for a sub when he went to the new club, Chained, with his friend, Rick Winter. Not exactly anyway. But he wasn't adverse to it. Instead, what he found was a Domme with an air of mystery about her. Mistress Angela has described herself as being new to the scene but quite sure that she was a Domme; Master Adam can't shake the feeling that maybe there are some hidden desires that Mistress Angela is unaware of. After all, he's never been attracted to a Domme before, so perhaps she's a submissive at heart and just doesn't realize it yet. She wouldn't be the first person attracted to the scene who didn't understand exactly what their needs were.

Angel has been interested in BDSM for a while, but her friends who would understand her desires are several states away, and although she's finally ready to explore her fantasies, she feels she has to do so on her own. Her closest friends in town are guys who would never understand, and her best friend, Leigh, already has a boyfriend - a rather territorial one. Nervous about going to a BDSM club, afraid that she might be putting herself in a bad situation as an unattached submissive who's completely new to the scene, Angel decides that the safest way to explore being in public is as a Domme. That way, she can get used to the club scene and watch out for common pitfalls, keeping herself in a position of power until she feels comfortable enough to know what she's doing. Although she eventually wants to join Stronghold, the club closest to her home and with the best reputation, she makes her debut into the BDSM scene at Chained, a new club that's far enough away she feels safe enough to lie about her preferences and present herself as Mistress Angela until she's done some exploring.

When Angel finally feels comfortable enough to make her way to Stronghold as a submissive and Master Adam recognizes the "Domme" that he's been obsessing over, the result is explosive.

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