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The Paramedic's Witch: Extreme Medical Services, Book 5

Davis, Jamie

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
The Paramedic's Witch: Extreme Medical Services, Book 5



A teen witch, worried parents, and a demon hunt.

Joanna Errington-Flynn is a normal 15-year-old, except that she's a witch from the future. Since she was sent back from her parents' future, she has saved both their lives and the world itself. Now she wants nothing more than to return home to her own time.

When a pair of demon-summoning idols goes missing, her mother needs Jo's help to recover them. If the demon lord succeeds in his plans to collect the complete set, Elk City is doomed.

Jo has to work alongside her parents to solve this mystery, and become a family, before it's too late. Trust is key if they are to defeat the demon, and find a way to send Jo back home, back to the future.

Get book 5 in the Extreme Medical Services urban fantasy series. Dean, Jaz, and Jo await you to join them.

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