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The Paramedic's Nemesis: Extreme Medical Services, Book 6

Davis, Jamie

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
The Paramedic's Nemesis: Extreme Medical Services, Book 6



Undead in the streets, spell impending doom.

An artifact is creating hordes of mindless undead minions in Elk City. Paramedic Dean Flynn once again gathers his human and supernatural friends to band together and find the source. With the future of the city at risk, failure is not an option for Dean and his comrades.

Dean's friends have their own problems. His ex-partner is struggling with her recent change into a vampire. She has to find a way to overcome her bloodlust if she's ever going to return to the streets again as a paramedic. If she doesn't find a way to succeed, it could be a matter of life and death.

Jump into book six of the exciting Extreme Medical Services series now. Ride along with paramedic Dean Flynn, his demon-hunter girlfriend, and the rest of the Extreme Medical Services team in this non-stop thriller.

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