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The Paramedic's Choice: Extreme Medical Services, Book 3

Davis, Jamie

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
The Paramedic's Choice: Extreme Medical Services, Book 3



Terrorists, monsters, murder, and redemption

Paramedic Dean Flynn works every day to heal the creatures of myth and legend in Elk City. When a human hate group declares war on his patients, Dean, with his angel girlfriend and the vampire lord of Elk City, must work with all the forces of good to fight terrorists hidden in their midst.

Even after getting framed for murder, Dean uses magic, prophecy, and all his paramedic skills to save his patients. With his lifelong dreams shattered and taken away from him, will he have the strength to make the choice when the time comes to fulfill his destiny?

Enter the third book in this exciting urban fantasy series. Join up with Dean. Click to buy The Paramedic's Choice now.

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