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Summary of Will, Greenlights and A Life In Parts

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Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

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Summary of Will, Greenlights and A Life In Parts



We admire and sometimes envy the lives of actors and entertainers. Are their lives as glamorous and fabulous as they are portrayed? Or do they face struggles and challenges like everyone?

Listen on as three iconic actors, Will Smith, Matthew McConaughey, and Bryan Cranston, pull back the curtain and reveal the real-life stories behind their success, including their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and failure.

Please note: This collection does not contain the original books. These are condensed book summaries.

In the first summary, Will, author, actor, and director Will Smith shares how his success and journey impacted him and his family. Matthew McConaughey shares his personal diaries and stories of his struggles to find happiness in a state he calls “catching greenlights.” Iconic lifelong actor Bryan Cranston openly reveals his secret to success: hard work.

Listen intently as each memoir is summarized, bringing you funny experiences, sad moments, challenging life events, and extraordinary successes of these remarkable men. While we are enthralled with their skills and abilities on the big screen, you will gain a new appreciation for these extraordinary humans as you listen and understand that they face the same challenges in full view of the world. See their lives and careers through their eyes and be inspired to read more after listening to each summary.

Get started today and discover what it took each on their own journey to success, including the sacrifices, missteps, failures, and wins.

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