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Summary of Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency by Michael Wolff

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Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

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Summary of Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency by Michael Wolff



While Michael Wolff’s first and second books about Donald J. Trump and his presidency were revealing, sharing the daily buffoonery inside the White House, his final book, Landslide, closes the chapter on the chaos that swirled around Trump and his followers.

In Summary of Landslide, you will receive a bird’s eye view into the hold that Trump had over the country; how his desire, desperation, and duplicity threatened the nation’s democracy; and the bizarre web of deceit that was spun around the Oval Office. Wolff pulls back the curtain on the troop of unqualified schemers who fed Trump a steady stream of misinformation and alternate reality, feeding a selfish need for chaos and control.

Wolff defines with clarity and honesty the final days of Trump’s presidency as the most perplexing political events in decades unfolded, shocking the public and causing outrage, catastrophe, and devastation. The bumblings and dysfunction of Trump’s cohorts only revealed his deepest desires for personal gain over the good of the country as the pandemic raged, riots ensued, and division ravaged the greatest country in the world.

This summary reveals how the inner workings of the White House and Donald Trump’s spiraling behavior between November 3 and January 20 led to the turmoil that ensued on January 6 through the eyes of Trump biographer Michael Wolff. As a watchful observer, Wolff depicts the final days of the president’s term as vengeful, bitter, and chaotic. A must-listen for everyone to gain valuable insight into the last months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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