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Summary of Here, Right Matters: An American Story by Alexander Vindman

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Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

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Summary of Here, Right Matters: An American Story by Alexander Vindman



Duty-bound to serve his country at all cost, retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman details how his moral and ethical obligations led him to make the heart-wrenching decision to share what he knew of then-President Trump's vindictive, selfish acts.

In this one-hour summary of Vindman's book Here, Right Matters: An American Story, he candidly shares how his decision to divulge the truth was never a choice or conscious action but an innate sense of duty and honor instilled in him by his immigrant father and a profound moral compass. As a naturalized citizen and distinguished member of the armed forces, Vindman was determined to honor the values of truth and respect that he was raised by and that he had sworn to uphold in his service to his country.

While Vindman delicately reveals the details of the phone call that ultimately led to President Trump's first impeachment in the full version of his memoir, the summary book provides a condensed version that covers all the main points and ideas in an easily digestible one-hour format. This highly decorated soldier, committed to integrity, loyalty, and with a strong belief in the value of the America that he proudly serves, was faced with intense pressure to remain silent, furious partisan attacks, public outcries, and strained relationships. His unquestionable decision to reveal the truth came at a very dear price for his career, reputation, and family. Still, to Vindman, the cost for truth was a sacrifice that he was compelled to make.

In this brief summary of Vindman's childhood, life, and military career, you will be drawn to learn more about that fateful day, July 25, 2019 - the day that led Vindman to take a stand for democracy, risking his life and reputation to do so.

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