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Prince Harry, Prince Philip and Prince Albert

Patterson, Stephen O.

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Prince Harry, Prince Philip and Prince Albert



This biography collection of princes summarizes the lives and legacies of the three most influential princes in the royal family.

Beginning with Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria and a promoter of the Industrial Revolution, you will learn how he laid the foundation for other consorts of the royal family and set a new direction and course for England and other countries around the world. His tragic death at a young age left the country mourning the loss of its strongest supporter.

In the biography of Prince Philip, you will feel enthralled with the prince’s accomplishments, charitable efforts, and his legacy of supporting his wife, Queen Elizabeth, until he passed away at age 99. His heartfelt story of military service and difficult childhood will shed new light on this man that stood behind the queen.

Lastly, the highly visible life of Prince Harry, as shared in this biography, will bring a tears to your eyes as you learn how much his mental health, dating, military service, and even grief were portrayed and criticized globally. Keeping his family’s privacy at the forefront of his decision, Prince Harry made a difficult decision to leave the royal family and relinquish titles and duties.

Eager to discover more about the lifestyles and responsibilities of these royal influencers? Listen to this biography to learn how the princes navigated their positions and how their powerful decisions impacted many lives, families, and legacies.

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