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Meet Bill

Andrulis, Paul

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Meet Bill



Humanity has reached for the stars and has gained complete domination. The human empire has remain unchallenged... until now. A new alien race is discovered, and they are as human as we are. Unfortunately for Earth the aliens are far more advanced technologically, smarter than the average Earth human, and are just as aggressive. Maybe it doesn't help that they are all psychopaths.

Bill is just training to be a combat marine in a war that Earth based humanity is losing. When his base is attacked by the aliens at the end of his training, he finds himself as the hero and is propelled into a battle that he must win with the help of the lethal AI Collective to gather alien technology for study on Earth. Welcome to the new future, an alien nightmare that is not so alien, but is an all out battle to the death where Bill's allies are as dangerous as his enemies.

- Amazon Description

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