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Lot 28: The Lucky Marks Mysteries, Book 2

Pomichter, GW

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Lot 28: The Lucky Marks Mysteries, Book 2



In the summer 1953, Private Investigator Will "Lucky" Marks was working as the in-house private eye for Arcane Pacific Pictures. That's the summer when famed director Alister Walters was brutally stabbed to death on the scene of his last blockbuster hit mystery, the 1953 noir cult classic, Witness to the Act. Lucky is on the scene, and is pulled into this deliciously deceitful drama of Hollywood film making.

Trapped inside the studio with the killer, Lucky must sort through arcane stereotypes and challenge common perceptions of the time, as well as his own prejudices in order to sort through the gossip, innuendo, and intrigue and find the killer before time runs out. This movie murder mystery will pit lucky against some of the most deceitful creatures on earth - movie stars.

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