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Every Man Should Try: Adventures of a Public Interest Activist

Stone, Jeremy

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Every Man Should Try: Adventures of a Public Interest Activist



Jeremy Stone, a renowned, almost Zelig-like figure in the world of public interest activism offers his antic, wry and moving memoirs of a life spent trying to make the world a better place. There probably isn't another human being who's been involved with more issues as an activist than Jeremy Stone. During his tenure as head of the 2,000 member Federation of American Scientists, Stone has been involved with just about every major activist issue of the past quarter century. He was crucial in freeing Sakharov; influential in getting arms control treaties signed; the secret force behind the arrest of the Shining Paths leader; the man who helped save Cambodia from a return of the Khmer Rouge; the scientist who discredited the sonic boom scare; and the one person who just might have an idea that brings peace to Kosovo. John F. Kennedy once said, "Not every man can make a difference, but every man should try". Jeremy Stone took JFK up on his word, and this book is a wonderful memoir of his wild, sometimes successful, heartening life.

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