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Entombed: A Spirelli Novel

Baray, Kate

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Entombed: A Spirelli Novel



A human investigator in a magical world - what could possibly go wrong?

Jack and his dragon sidekick Marin are neck-deep in trouble again, but this time there's an international angle. Belize has been attracting members of the magic community to its shores for months. Even though Jack's curiosity has been piqued, he's not traveling internationally without a lucrative case to lure him. Enter one anonymous client with a large bank account.

With magical trouble brewing in Belize and a hefty bonus on the line, Jack can't say no. But are the monsters in this case too big and bad for Jack and Marin to handle?

Entombed is a standalone story that continues the fast-paced Spirelli Paranormal Investigations urban fantasy series.

- Amazon Description

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