Catalytic Diplomacy: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran

Stone, Jeremy

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Catalytic Diplomacy: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran

"Having known and observed Jeremy for almost half a century, I have no doubt that his influence has been as great as that of all but the most senior figures in government. In his second book, Jeremy continues the recounting of his life's work, which he began in his early volume, Every Man Should Try: Adventures of a Public Interest Activist. Jeremy has devoted his life to conflict resolution and to ending the nuclear arms race. He has, at the same time, gotten involved constructively in a surprising range of interesting issues involving human rights and foreign policy. The conflicts that Jeremy sought to mitigate in the second work - US-Russian nuclear relations, China's relation with Taiwan, North Korea's relations with its neighbors, and U.S.-Iranian relations - have all been affected for the better by Jeremy's efforts. Readers less familiar with international diplomacy may be surprised and perhaps even incredulous that a private citizen can have such an impact on the thinking and behavior of governments." - From the preface by Morton H. Halperin, Director of the Policy Planning Staff, Department of State (1998-2001)

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