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Call of Shadows

Smith, David C

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Call of Shadows



Restaurant owner Steve Beaudine is killed in a car accident and his beautiful wife Ava is severely injured. After months of physical recuperation, she returns to Ava's with the desire to keep the business going. But Tony Jasco, her husband's partner, has plans to sell the eatery and split the profits. Ava adamantly refuses to terminate what had been Steve's dream. She is determined to make it work no matter Jasco's opposition.

Then the mysterious David Ehlert enters her life with a fantastic story, one straight out of a fairy tale. He claims to be a wizard and that Jasco is trying to have her killed to gain his own ends. Ava simply can't believe such a fanciful claim...until they are attacked by magical dark forces. Suddenly she finds herself the target of a twisted, dark magician and her only salvation is Ehlert, a man claiming to have been born in 1886 but still looking young and fit.

Writer David C. Smith spins a colorful, fast-paced thriller that introduces a fascinating new hero in the vein of the classic golden age pulps but with a decidedly modern day twist. It is the story of a haunted man out of time seeking redemption for past sins in a world of arcane mysteries and magiks. Call of Shadows is a masterful thriller by a veteran writer that will keep you on the edge of your chair from start to finish.

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