Book 15 Mystery Mesa: Redemption Historical Western Romance

Davies, Shirleen

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
Book 15 Mystery Mesa: Redemption Historical Western Romance

A dedicated lawman and single father with a haunted past.

Can he risk his heart on a young woman he’ll never deserve?

Mystery Mesa, book 15, Redemption Mountain historical western romance series

Hezekiah Boudreaux’s life is a sequence of surprises. The deputy sheriff in Splendor is still adjusting to the latest twist - being a single father. Hex’s precocious daughter, Lucy, is a handful, and one of two females who bring joy to a life filled with ne'er-do-wells, cons, and rustlers.

Christina McKenna is still reeling from the sudden death of her twin. She fills each day taking care of her younger sister while acting as cook and caretaker for Hex Boudreaux and his always active daughter. The problem is, she’s falling in love with her boss.

Both believe they have lots of time to determine their futures until the arrival of a beautiful woman in town, a murder during a birthday celebration, and a series of disastrous events force Hex and Chrissy to take a hard look at their lives.

Unraveling who to trust, who to hunt, the good from the bad, takes time - a commodity in short supply. Hex knows the longer it takes to identify the killers, the higher the danger to his daughter and the woman he’s come to love.

Mystery Mesa, book 15 in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series, is a full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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