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At Any Cost: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance

Bramante, Eros

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Recycled Paper
At Any Cost: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance



A story between passion and devotion for the family. The choice between a beautiful woman and the respect for your father.

Mario is well-positioned to replace his Dad as the Boss of his Italo-American crime ring. He knows that a series of high priority assignments could be his shot at impressing the boss; so he might be picked ahead of the long serving lieutenant.

It is in the middle of carrying out these tasks that Mario runs into a beautiful lady who he falls in love with. Annika was a Russian beauty whose father was the clandestine leader of another drug peddling ring. Though Mario don’t know that his dad and Anthony Esposito, the leader of a sister ring, had an agreement for the union of their children in the future. In accordance with Mario’s father, he should marry Amelia, which he already knows and consider as a close friend. People would think they were dating and their fathers thought their arrangement was in place.

Mario loves his father and the family and he wouldn’t allow anything that put either of the two in danger. But in no way he could accept to marry Amelia.

This leads to some friction between him and his dad but despite the friction between them, he stays on his mission – to prove a worthy heir. What is going to do Mario? Will he marry Amelia and agree to his father’s will or will he follow his passion for Annika? How will he behave in front of his father? Will Mario be able to love Annika while preserving his father’s will?

You will discover it only by listening to: At Any Cost: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance by Eros Bramante.

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