Lasting Love with Mindful Habits: 5 Simple Steps for Modern Couples to Bypass Conflict, Enhance Intimacy and Stay In Love

Svensson, Johan


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What if talking doesn’t work? In fact, instead of understanding you get the opposite: more conflict. Sounds familiar?

If you fear a break up it’s not because you hate your partner, it’s because you're disconnected. It is a slow accumulation of microscopic wounds that weaken your connection every day.

Modern culture also has its impact on relationships: it’s harder to stay committed and prevent betrayal than ever before. The prevailing trend remains: we linger in unsatisfying relationships or end up divorcing. But you deserve better!

Mindful habits can transform your relationship, heal wounds and make you feel heard.

They are the blueprint for a deep, intimate connection. Why? Because they are the tools you used naturally and without realizing at the start of your relationship when you felt loved effortlessly, every day.

This five step program will show what united you in the first place and bring you back to that initial bond. You'll learn:

How 10 minutes a day will help you stay in love
5 simple steps to an extraordinary relationship
How to end any conflict and even feel closer afterwards
20 effective habits to feel loved again, starting today
A free course (extra)
“With the right habits your relationship thrives as a result”. In this practical guide from the Swedish author you’ll learn how to heal and grow your love. Day by day, year by year.

Find your path to a Lasting Love with Mindful Habits, here today.

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