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Crimson Mask Volume 1

McCauley, Terrence P


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"Veteran Police Sergeant Clarke is gunned down by hoodlums, shot in the back of the head. As he lay dying, a rush of blood to his face formed a macabre mask - a crimson mask. When his son, Doctor Robert "Bob" Clarke, saw that strange stigmata, he interpreted it as a sign, inspiring him to become his father's avenger, the Crimson Mask!

Once again, Airship 27 Productions digs into the dusty vaults of long-forgotten, second-tier pulp heroes to revitalize another great character in brand-new, exciting adventures. Writers J. Walt Layne, Terrence McCauley, C. William Russette, and Gary Lovisi took on the challenge of creating new, bizarre mysteries for the pharmacist turned crime-fighter, and in doing so have put together a terrific collection of fast-paced pulp action echoing the thrills of the original classics.

Aided by retired Police Commissioner Warrick; his former college roommate, David Small; and lovely nurse Sandra Gray, the Crimson Mask must hunt down the villainous distributors of tainted heroin, stop an invisible thief, learn who ignited the latest city gang war, and solve the mystery of a killer targeting his father's allies. Hold on to your fedoras, jump on the running board, and get ready for blazing thrills galore, pulp fans, as the Crimson Mask is back!"

- Amazon Description

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