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Total Charmer: Total Disarmer

Mills-Hamilton, Brenton


Total Charmer: Total Disarmer: Take Charge of Your Relationships and Learn How to Influence Others Through the Art of Charisma

There's something about charismatic people that draws others towards them, whether it be physically, emotionally, or intellectually, we all are taken aback and disarmed by the charm and grace some individuals hold. In fact many of us can be envious of the charisma some people have, and that we lack. For many, being charismatic may seem like a club that we are unable to join.

However, not all is lost for us who do not have a natural inclination of being charismatic. In fact, and luckily for us, charisma is something that can be developed, not something most people are born with. This means we also have a chance of developing our own charisma and becoming the influential person we have always wanted to be. You too can have the opportunity to feel confident about approaching that woman in the bar, or taking credit for a job well done at work, or have the confidence to simply hold the center of attention in your friend group. In other words the club is not exclusive.

This audiobook can help get you there. It divides charisma into nine easily digestible and easily understandable sections. With each passage you move through and complete each section, you will feel yourself becoming more tuned into this trait. Ultimately, upon completing the audiobook you will have all the tools and information you need to develop charisma, and have the same sort of attraction and influence as dynamic people.

Your initiation into the charisma club begins right here and right now.

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