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Small House Living: How to Improve Your Finances, Declutter Your Life and Be Happier by Living in a Small House

Clark, Jason T


Looking to downsize your home, save money, and live a life of freedom?

People often think that when you live in a small house, it's because you don't have the means to live in a larger home. In most cases this couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is that small house living typically equates to a much more fulfilling life. Through the process of downsizing your life in regards to material possessions, clutter, and the size of your dwelling, you come to understand a new ideal in which freedom is the name of the game. The freedom comes from a more condensed life in which only the possessions and needs which are truly important are permitted to remain in your or your family's life.

Discover how you can gain freedom by downsizing your home and living a small house lifestyle.

Also, you'll discover...

How to break out of the mindset that comes with living in a consumer based society.
The methods for having a smooth transition from a large home to a small one.
A step by step guide on how to build your first small house.
And much more!
Table of Contents

When Did This Movement Begin? Learn about the history of small house living and when it all started.
The Basics of a Small House Lifestyle In this chapter find out what a tiny lifestyle entails and all of its wonderful benefits.
Breaking Free From the Standards of Society Gain an understanding of how you can deprogram your mind and start appreciating more with less.
The First Step in Small House Living Learn the first actions to take in order to start your new journey.
Steps in Creating Your Small Home A step by step guide to creating your tiny home.
Implementing All You've Learned How you can take what you've learned in this book and put into action.

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