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Recycled Paper

Unknown Border

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Unknown Border

They heard the earth-shaking wail come out of the trees announcing to everyone that he was there and coming for them. The forest dropped to a heart pounding silence leaving them suffocating for the familiar sounds of the forest.

The wilderness around Redwood, Washington, is vast but it is not empty. It holds a terrible secret, buried under layers of myth and legend. A broken down fence stands alone in the forest to mark the border of the unknown - a line no man will cross for decades.

Hank Tomkins knows the truth but swore never to reveal it. The secret must stay hidden to protect his town, his reputation, and his sanity. Now, 35 years later, a group of young outdoorsmen have vanished and now have threatened to expose the secret. Hank will have to sacrifice friendships, respect, and even his life if he wants to keep his vow of secrecy.

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