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Behind the Staircase: Michael Peterson Murder Case

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Behind the Staircase: Michael Peterson Murder Case

Step inside the mansion of Michael and Kathleen Peterson, the home where they lived as empty nesters in North Carolina.

December 2001 marked the beginning of the long, arduous journey for Michael Peterson, who was accused, placed on trial, and convicted of murdering his second wife, Kathleen Peterson. In Behind the Staircase, a memoir, Peterson recounts the events leading up to the incident which would forever change his life.

Follow Michael’s depiction of the tragic events leading up to his conviction and incarceration for his wife’s death and the next eight years of his imprisonment for her alleged murder. Upon his release, Peterson shares in his memoir, Behind the Staircase, his perspective on what happened to his loving wife, the misleading evidence of the trial, and the years that he spent behind bars with criminals, murderers, and rapists.

Listen as Michael painstakingly describes how as the prime suspect in the investigation, he was forced to endure one of the longest trials in North Carolina history, all the while asserting his innocence in her death.

You will be engrossed in the real-life depiction of the events and left in awe at the harrowing tales of his life in prison.

Listen and learn about Kathleen’s tragic accident and Michael’s desperate plea for justice.

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