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Untamed Blackmagic: Paradise, Book 1

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Untamed Blackmagic: Paradise, Book 1

An erotic, deliciously filthy, sexually graphic, fast-paced vacation thriller set in a Jamaican paradise. Jane and John, eloping, innocent, get swept away with sun, sea, and sex. An extortion network threatens to expose their adventures virally on the Internet.

Ashley, a blonde, blue-eyed, care-free petite sex kitten who likes a bit of spicy black magic, and Brad, her tall, dark, hunky friend with benefits, race to save the day with Pearl, a sizzling-hot Caribbean beauty in a skimpy pink bikini. Scorching sex, dirty interludes, naughty visuals, with a refreshingly modern contemporary plot. Mixed with sexual corruption, thundering boats, suntan oil, and black magic make for an action-packed adventure, set to the beat of reggae.

You will enjoy this series if you fantasize about exotic, tall Jamaican men and skimpy, hot, long-legged Caribbean girls in tiny bikinis. This sexually charged, action-packed dirty adventure set in Paradise will ruin you with its deliciously sizzling black magic.

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