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Narrated by Roberto Scarlato


“Blessings can be curses, and curses can be blessings.”

The world’s smartest person. On a dangerous journey to cure his girlfriend of a mysterious disease. Up against a powerful drug company, not to mention his own mentors.

Do you like stories about extraordinary abilities? Do you like protagonists who fight for the women they love? Do you like endings you can’t stop talking about?

Then you’ll love Elixir, the debut novel by Ted Galdi, an Amazon number-one best-selling author who’s won Reader Views and Readers’ Favorite awards and been featured by Fox, ABC, and iHeartRadio.

Get your copy of this hit audiobook today and go on a fast-paced adventure around the globe alongside an enigmatic genius with a target on his back.

More on Elixir:

Protagonist Sean Malone’s journey begins at 14. He has an IQ north of 200, a full-ride scholarship to the country’s top tech university, and more than a million bucks from a winning run on Jeopardy!.

However, he wishes he could just be normal. The US government manipulates him, using him as a codebreaker to pursue a covert operation and killing innocent people along the way.

When Sean pushes back, the Department of Defense pushes harder. He flees to Europe to build a new life under a new name, hiding his mental gift from everyone.

He enjoys a quiet existence the next few years and at 18, falls in love.

The calm shatters when his girlfriend, Natasha, turns critically ill. Her doctors have no idea how to control her disease before it overcomes her.

Sean returns to the US, where he has to avoid the omnipresent eye of the NSA as he tries to piece together a cure. His obstacles intensify when he hacks into the servers of a multibillion-dollar drug company and it comes after him.

Ted Galdi is also the author of the novels An American Cage and Lion on Fire, and the short stories "A Road to Nowhere" and "Hazel Is Missing".

Grab your copy of Elixir today and begin your high-profile world adventure.

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