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The Princess Slave: Mei's Song

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

The Princess Slave: Mei's Song

Mei Song is an Asian Princess though only through the eyes of her lover John Hunter. Mei and John are introduced on her 18th birthday by her owner Howard Stephans; Mei is a sex slave whose sole purpose is to submit to the sexual desires and deviations of those men and women her master allows to use her.

John came into her life but unlike all the others he saw her as a special princess and made it his mission to make her see that she is more than simply a sex slave. This is a three-year journey in which Mei evolves from simply a submissive slave to learning about freedom and independence through her own desires through various mediums of artistic endeavors with the guidance of John. However, both Mei and John must submit to various sexual perversities at the hands of not only Howard Stephans but others along the way to get to the absolute freedom in which Mei desires.

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