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Lost Between Them

Narrated by Roberto Scarlato

Lost Between Them

When three friends spend the night together after getting snowed in, things take a turn, revealing a little more than friendship between them....

It's not been long since Michael broke up with Emma, the passion in their relationship coming to an end. But that's not the only motivator. The way he sees his boss and best friend Paul has changed, his feelings transforming into something new and exciting. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't shake it.

Jade loves their attention, the two gorgeous friends who swing by to see her at the cafe every day. They're both like something ripped straight from her dreams, and after she finds herself stranded, she can't turn down their offer to have her stay over. When the power goes out she's left with a dilemma; does she stay on her own in the cold, or go and join them in Michael's room where it's warmer?

Paul's never done anything like this before. He has eyes for Jade, they both do. How could he possibly resist her? She's beautiful, smart, and great fun to be around. When they find out she's got no way of getting home, it's only right that they let her stay over at Michael's. They're both stranded and caught in the storm after-all. Now, with the power out, he's face to face with the most important decision of his life. Does he embark on a journey that threatens to completely change him, or does he turn his back on something incredible?

Lost Between Them Is a hot and steamy MMF romance intended for mature audiences 18 and up. This story contains male on male sex and explores the evolving relationship between all three characters and their changing sexuality. Approximately 43,000 words with HEA ending.

- Amazon Description

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