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Thanks for visiting my site. I am a passionate voice over artist with years of experience in the industry. I love what I do, and want others to see that love shine through in all of my work. Take a look around to find information about me, my career, and projects I’m working on.

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A Born Voice Over Artist

I started working as a voice over artist after finally deciding to listen to my wife. I have always enjoyed performing and entertaining others, and in 2014, I decided to make voice acting my full time career. Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together.


'Associate with people who are likely to improve you"


"I was one of the fans who bought the 2nd book immediately when it was released. I didn't think I would get the audiobook, but I'm sure glad I did. It was like the difference of watching a film in black & white with no sound, to watching a vivid blue ray on an HD television. Seriously!!! Roberto Scarlato was freaken amazing! He brought warmth and a soft side to Julian, plus add the sexy. OMG, his voice is gorgeous & he did a wonderful job."

Yvette, Audible Reviewer for Keep Me by Anna Zaires

"The well-developed cast of characters absolutely came to life as I listened, I felt like I was there. I read this back in 2013, but I felt more connected listening, a more emotional experience indeed."

Anna, Audible Reviewer for Karma by Nikki Sex

"A good narration can make or break a book, and this was one spot on. Roberto Scarlato was able to bring each character to life, making them each sound unique, which only enhanced the already wonderful story. I loved it. Definitely one of the better narrators I've listened to."

Maria, Audible Reviewer for Deathless and Divided by Bethany Kris

Now as for Mr. Roberto...His voice is everything! The sensuality that dripped from his voice to my ears with his depiction of Zaron...I swoon. I had to hit that rewind button a couple of times!  


Eboni, Audible Reviewer for The Krinar Captive



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