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I started working as a voice over artist after finally deciding to listen to my wife. I have always enjoyed performing and entertaining others, and in 2014, I decided to make voice acting my full time career.

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I have been working as an audio book narrator for seven years. I have completed more than two hundred audio books for such companies as: 


"I was one of the fans who bought the 2nd book immediately when it was released. I didn't think I would get the audiobook, but I'm sure glad I did. It was like the difference of watching a film in black & white with no sound, to watching a vivid blue ray on an HD television. Seriously!!! Roberto Scarlato was freaken amazing! He brought warmth and a soft side to Julian, plus add the sexy. OMG, his voice is gorgeous & he did a wonderful job."

Yvette, Audible Reviewer for Keep Me by Anna Zaires

"The well-developed cast of characters absolutely came to life as I listened, I felt like I was there. I read this back in 2013, but I felt more connected listening, a more emotional experience indeed."

Anna, Audible Reviewer for Karma by Nikki Sex

"A good narration can make or break a book, and this was one spot on. Roberto Scarlato was able to bring each character to life, making them each sound unique, which only enhanced the already wonderful story. I loved it. Definitely one of the better narrators I've listened to."

Maria, Audible Reviewer for Deathless and Divided by Bethany Kris